Fernandez Jove develops PRIOR Control System, a flexible monitoring, automation and control system, capable of being implemented in multiple scenarios.

What is it made of?


PRIOR has modules for predefined applications. These modules can be combined with each other to stablish a complete control system that integrates equipment of different kinds.


PRIOR is capable of manipulating and managing different types of both analogue and digital signals, remote commands, as well as integrating automatisms that makes it easier to be controlled by the user.


PRIOR can be connected to different equipment and systems (both its own and external ones) following universal communication protocols (ModBUS, Profibus, etc.), enabling to take control from a higher entity such as the IAS (in a ship) or a SCADA (in land installation).


PRIOR is a modular and expandable system, fully adaptable to the needs of each project. This allows to customize the control and monitoring options as required in each case, integrating different types of equipment and systems.

Life cycle


PRIOR stores information and documentation of the equipment, to facilitate maintenance and spare parts tasks.

  • Electric schemes
  • Dimensional drawings
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Etc.

System integration

System integration

  • Equipment grouped in the form of a SYSTEM
  • Shared hydraulic power units, with redundancies
  • Improved and standardized communication with SICP
  • Reduction in number of HPUs: reduction of weights
  • Greater data collection, predictive maintenance capacity