FJ has developed PRIOR, a flexible automation and control system, capable of being implemented in different types of marine and industrial installations.

The main applications are:

Quick closing systems

These valve systems allow instantaneous cutting of flammable liquid lines (such as oil or fuel) in case of emergency.

  • Produced under international standards (SOLAS).
  • Valves manufactured by SAVAL.
  • According to the standards of the classification societies.

These systems can be integrated into PRIOR|VAL, providing remote and overall visualization of valve status.


Remote valve control

FJ offers a complete system with motorized valves and the workstations for remote control.

The use of PRIOR|VAL allows the equipment to be operated from touch screens, integrate with other systems, improvements in maintenance, digitalization of components, etc.

FJ incorporates SAVAL valves and the PRIOR control system.

  • Valves with hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuators.
  • Own control system (PRIOR).
  • Flexibility and adaptation to the needs of each project.


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Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Maneuvering systems allow hydraulic and pneumatic equipment to be handled in a controlled and reliable manner. They can handle doors, lifts, ramps, agitators or other associated equipment.

  • Flexible design adapted to each system.
  • Remote or local controls.
  • Multiple connections and equipment.

This equipment can be remotely monitored and controlled with PRIOR|MEQ.