PRIOR | VAL is a specific PRIOR Control solution for the monitoring and control of actuated valve systems.

Maintaining the philosophy of total integration, PRIOR | VAL is capable of controlling valves with electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

Communications with the actuators can be wired or have the most widespread communication protocols (ModBUS, ProfiBUS, etc.)

Moreover, the system receives information from the different types of valve indicators: limit switches, volumetric indicators, position indicators, etc.

Due to being a flexible system, PRIOR | VAL is capable of integrating a large number of control stations, with their corresponding touch screens up to 22 ".

These screens usually show the diagrams of the fluid lines of the system or, otherwise, tabular diagrams with the different equipment.

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PRIOR | VAL is adaptable to the needs of your motorized valve project. According to its characteristics, PRIOR is designed and can be customized to satisfy your needs.

A PRIOR | VAL control system generally consists on:

In any type of system

Control stations with touch screens

Mimics or fluid diagrams

Different advanced redundancy options for emergency situations:

  • Of communication lines
  • Of control cabinets
  • Of the control screens

On an electric remote control

Control cabinets with master stations.

Connection with wired actuators or with advanced communication protocols.

Variable architectures, in actuated valve loops or chains.

On a hydraulic remote control

Control cabinets with solenoid valves for fluid control.

Hydraulic power units with backup accumulators.

On a pneumatic remote control

Control cabinets with solenoid valves to control compressed air.

Reserve accumulators.